‘Whether you go illegally or legally in the end it’s the same, you’re cheated’ - A study of formal and informal recruitment practices of Lao workers migrating to Thailand

ຈັດພິມໂດຍ: Open Development Mekong

The research presented in this report would not have been possible without the cooperation of numerous individuals, organisations, and companies. The research team is particularly indebted to the returned migrants and their families who have all sacrificed precious time in order to cooperate with the research. A similar expression of thanks goes out to representatives of the recruitment agencies, government officials at all levels and other stakeholders and key-informants that were interviewed. Lastly, the research team would like to express thanks to the participants in the Bangkok workshop and the Vientiane workshop who provided valuable comments on the early research findings and the first draft of the report.

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ເບິ່ງຕົວຢ່າງຂໍ້ມູນ - 'Whether you go illegally or legally in the end it's the same, you're cheated': A study of formal and informal recruitment practices of Lao workers migrating to Thailand.

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ລິຂະສິດ To be determined
ສະບັບທີ / ຄັ້ງທີ 2008
ສັນຍາລິຂະສິດ unspecified

Editors: Roy Huijsmans – Consultant (Durham University, United Kingdom) Kabmanivanh Phouxay – Lead Researcher (National University of Laos, LaoPDR)

Authors: Bounthavy Sosamphanh, Dexanourath Senedouangdeth, Kabmanivanh Phouxay, Kenchanh Sinsamphanh, Phouth Simmalavong, and Roy Huijsmans.

Research Team: Faculty of Social Sciences, National University of Laos: Associate Professor Mr Phouth Simmalavong – Supervisor Mrs Kabmanivanh Phouxay – Lead Researcher Mr Dexanourath Senedouangdeth – Researcher Mr Kenchanh Sinsamphanh – Researcher Mr Bounthavy Sosamphanh – Researcher Mr Boualamthong Ontavong – Research Secretary

Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare: Mr Thongdeng Singthilath – Consultant Ms Khanthala Lounglath – Research Assistant Ms Bouavanh Panyavong – Research Assistant

ຜູ້ຂຽນ (ບຸກຄົນ) Sosamphanh, Bounthavy
ຜູ້ຂຽນຮ່ວມ (ບຸກຄົນ) Senedouangdeth, Dexanourath; Phouxay, Kabmanivanh; Sinsamphanh, Kenchanh; Simmalavong, Phouth; Huijsmans, Roy
ສະຖານທີ່ຈັດພິມ Vientiane, Lao PDR
ຜູ້ຈັດພິມ ILO
ປີຈັດພິມ 2008
ຈຳນວນໜ້າ 66
ຄຳສັບຫຼັກ Migrant recruitment
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