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ASEAN Statistical Report on Millennium Development Goals 2017

ຈັດພິມໂດຍ: Open Development Mekong

The adoption of the Joint Declaration on the Attainment of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the 14th ASEAN Summit in 2009 signi ed the ASEAN Leaders’ commitment to end poverty in the region. This was further reaf rmed when the Leaders put forward the ASEAN Roadmap for the Attainment of the MDGs - an action plan outlining what is needed to facilitate closer intra - and inter - sector collaboration in ASEAN toward the attainment of the MDGs. The MDGs are de ned and agreed upon at the global level. As all other countries reporting the MDGs achievements, the ASEAN countries have followed and implemented the internationally agreed MDGs indicators. This ASEAN Statistical Report on Millennium Development Goals 2017 is our nal attempt to compile the 25 MDGs Indicators commonly available in the ASEAN Member States. It features the MDGs indicators of ASEAN aggregates in absolute numbers as well as information on narrowing development gaps. These two main attributes differentiate this Report on the ASEAN MDGs from other published MDGs reports.

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ເບິ່ງຕົວຢ່າງຂໍ້ມູນ - ASEAN Statistical Report on Millennium Development Goals 2017

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ປີຈັດພິມ 2017
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