Development of A Myanmar National Electrification Plan Towards Universal Access 2015-2030

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Myanmar has one of the lowest rates of electrification in Southeast Asia. Energy poverty also affects population with access to electricity due to shortages and poor reliability of power supply. With help from the global sustainable energy for all initiative, led by the World Bank and the United Nation (UN), the government (through the ministry of electric power and the ministry of livestock, fisheries, and rural development) is preparing a national electrification plan (NEP) which includes recommended geospatial, least cost grid rollout plan for achieving universal access to electricity by 2030, and an investment prospects for the phased financing of the investment needs. The NEP also presents institutional reforms required to ensure alignment of funding sources and accountabilities for effective and timely implementation of the electrification program. The development of NEP is coordinated with the government's ongoing effort for the preparation of the power sector master plan in which related strategic issues of the future energy mix in power generation and transmission expansion are being addressed. Government of Myanmar should formally adopt the NEP, including the roadmap and the institutional implementation plan via government decree.

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ເບິ່ງຕົວຢ່າງຂໍ້ມູນ - Myanmar - Development of a Myanmar national electrification plan towards universal access 2015-2030

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