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ບົດຄວາມ: Agriculture and fishing

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  • The Law of the Protection of Farmer Rights and Enhancement of their Benefits


  • Prakas No. 400 on the establishment of a fisheries refugia for mackerel protection in​ Peam Krasaob, Koh Kong Province

    A new fisheries refugia for mackerel protection was established. It covers a fishery zone with total area of 1,283 ha in Peam Krasaob, Koh Kong province. This fisheries refugia...

  • Decision No. 1690/QD-TTg approving Vietnam’s fisheries development strategy through 2020

    This decision approves Vietnam's fisheries development strategy through 2020 with the following contents: - 1. To develop fisheries into a commodity production industry with...

  • ASEAN Integrated Food Security (AIFS) Framework and Strategic Plan of Action on Food Security in the ASEAN Region (SPA-FS) 2015-2020

    The goal of AIFS Framework and SPA-FS 2015-2020 is to ensure long-term food security and nutrition, to improve the livelihoods of farmers in the ASEAN region. The SPA-FS shall...

  • Sub-Decree​ No. 25 on Community Fisheries Management

    This Sub Decrees states about the rules and procedures to establish and manage the fisheries community in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

  • Sub-Decree on the Agricultural Census in Cambodia 2013

    This sub-decree aims to strengthen and improve the agricultural statistical system in order to obtain information in all aspects of the agricultural sector and provide basic...

  • Sub-Decree on the Contract Farming

    This sub-decree aims to determine the contract farming involves agricultural production in the Kingdom of Cambodia .

  • Sub-Decree on the Establishment of Cambodia Food Reserve System

    This sub-decree established the Cambodia Food Reserve System with the purpose to save people affected by disasters or other emergencies in a timely manner.

  • Sub-Decree on the Lease of Fresh Water and Sea Fishing Domains for Exploitation

    The sub-decree specifies requirements for the lease of public waters for fishing purposes as follows: (1) the fishing rights of the public waters shall be leased out by public...

  • Royal Decree on the Establishment of Community Fisheries

    The purpose of this Royal Decree to guide about the rights of Khmer citizens to establish community fisheries in their own local areas, on a voluntary basis and taking the...

  • Sub-Decree on the Management and Administration of Agricultural Land

    The law manages land for agricultural purposes, such as farmlands, plains, peasants, highlands, terraced lands, licensed forest lands, riverside lands, islands, natural...

  • Kret-Chbab on Fishery Management

    The purpose of this law is to manage fishery resources, including animal and living creatures which are born and live within the fishery boundaries.

  • Law on Seed Management and the Rights of Plant Breeders

    The law is intended to govern and control the breach, release, production, processing, registration, distribution, import and export of crops and to protect new varieties of...

  • Law on Farming Community

    The law is intended to determine the establishment, management and support mechanism of the agricultural community, Union, Community, Agriculture and Coalition of Cambodian...

  • Law on the Establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

    The purpose of this law is to institutionlize the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and to define its framework, responsibilities and obligations.

  • Sub-Decree on Cancellation and Reduction in Boundaries of the Fishing Lots for the Benefits of the People in Family-Scale Fishing

    This sub-decree aims to make amendments on the ministerial circular No.0040 dated 24 May 1989 issued by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries by abolishing Boeung...

  • Prakas on the Rubber Seeds Certification and Rubber Plant Materials Business


  • Joint Declaration on the Illegal Fishery Record Form


  • Decision on the Limiting Marine Fishing Fee


  • Prakas on Launching Methods of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Fruit and Vegetable Production


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