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  • Detail about Confirmed Cases of Covid19 in Laos

    It is a archived website about the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 from the official government website in Laos.

  • Laos Confirmed Cases of Covid19

    It is a collection of archived news websites about the number of confirmed cases of Covid19 in Laos.

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Laos (Date: 13 October 2020 )

    This dataset shows the cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Laos. The dataset information will be updated according to the information from publicly available sources (official w...

  • Covid-19 Hotline in Laos

    This is the hotline contact number related to Covid19 information in Laos.

  • Guideline on Conditions and Measures for Businesses Permitted to Operate during COVID-19 Outbreak

    In order to mitigate the impact on the Lao economy against the extension on the implementation of Prime Minister’s Order No. 06/PM while ensuring low risks of [new] COVID-19 inf...

  • Maternal Mortality Rate (2020)

    World Bank data on maternal mortality rate to 2020

  • Adolescent Fertility Rate

    Adolescent fertility rate data from World Bank.

  • SDG 5.2 and 5.4

    Dataset on indicators for SDG 5.2 and 5.4

  • Laos kicks off new school year amid effective COVID-19 control

    Article from Xinhua Net announcing Laos school reopenings

  • Lao PDR country technical note on indigenous peoples' issues

    General report on the state of ethnic minority groups in Laos, with a focus on Lao Soung and Lao Theung

  • Why farmers in Laos are shifting from cabbage to cassava production

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, farmers in Laos are among the most affected. Many farmers could not sell their cabbages due to lack of buyers. The prices for cabbages a...

  • Impact of Climate Change and COVID-19 on Farmers in Laos

    Siphaeng is a rice farmer from Duer village, Phaoudom district, Bokeo province, Laos. The farmers in this region are currently facing threats due to climate change. Siphaeng say...

  • Lao PDR in the time of COVID-19

    Lao PDR Economic Monitor main findings

  • On reinforcement measures on containment, prevention and full response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    The situation of COVID-19 pandemic continues to be on the rise with nearly all countries in the world affected. The number of infected people and death toll of the virus also co...

  • Prime Ministerial Decree on Ethnic Groups

    The decree states that ethnic groups must be governed using principles that ensure unity and equality. In addition, all ethnic groups should be permitted to practise their speci...

  • SITUATION UPDATE No. 9 Effect of TS 11 (Son-Tinh) and Situation of Xe-Pien and Xenamnoy Dam, Lao PDR

    Due to monsoon season and heavy rainfall brought by TS 11 (Son-Tinh), 762 villages in 55 districts of 13 provinces have reported flooding as of 1 Aug 2018. This is a situation u...

  • Lao Environment Outlook 2012

    Ministry of National Resources and Environment (MONRE), formerly Water Resources and Environment Administration (WREA) recognizes the need in having scientific data and good ind...

  • Lao PDR Country Report

    This report provides a comprehensive picture of the infrastructure situation and policy in LAO PDR and gives an analysis of fundamental problems. Laos aims to achieve its ambit...

  • Property relations of the Hmong in Laos

    This paper will attempt to descript the change in property relations of the Hmong in Namon Neua, Laos, and to show how land sharing, a form of redistribution and coping strategi...

  • Rural finance in Laos: GIZ experience in remote rural areas

    A report on challenges and successes of the GIZ in engaging in micro-financing in rural areas in Laos