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Topics: Development and assistance for ethnic minorities and indigenous people

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  • Learning lessons and skills in Indigenous Media Advocacy

    A report on the skills sharing exchange program of indigenous voices in Asia.

  • Situation of the ethnic and religious minorities In the Lao People’s Democratic Republic

    A brief summary of the situations and problems facing ethnic groups in the Lao PDR.

  • Lao PDR Mobilizing ethnic communities for improved livelihoods and wellbeing

    A summary of a World Bank project focused on community-level assistance and empowerment programs.

  • Draft Ethnic Groups Policy Framework

    A policy framework laid out to address the ways in which the Lao Road Sector Project would impact rural ethnic groups through potential displacement and relocation.

  • The situation of ethnic minorities in Laos

    A brief overview of the break down of ethnic and language groups in Laos.

  • Laos and ethnic minority cultures promoting heritage

    An analysis of attempts to promote and preserve minority cultural legacies within the Lao PDR.

  • The ‘Karen Consensus’, Ethnic Politics and Resource-Use Legitimacy in Northern Thailand

    Recent Thai research on Karen ethnicity and resource management places significant emphasis on rotational shifting cultivation (rai mun wian) . A broad consensus has emerged tha...

  • “Indigenous Practices for Sustainable Social Development: Summary Workshop Repor

    Indigenous people play a key role in the domestication, conservation and adaptation of genetic resources and agricultural biodiversity, not just for their immediate surroundings...

  • Compensation and Resettlement Policy Framework

    A government document outlining practices for handling land concessions and forced relocation in regards to international investment projects.

  • Educational Disparities of Ethnic Minorities in Lao PDR with Comparative Cases from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand

    The aim of this thesis has been to explore and systematize the factors and influences, gendered perspectives, and interrelationships in educational equality in Lao PDR with comp...

  • Integrating natural resource management initiative (INRM)

    A presentation on integrating natural resource management practices across NGO work in multiple provinces in Laos. Includes information about the Clinical Legal Education office...

  • Geed day 2:Project cycle management

    Management and supervision of step with the people in the workplace; Ensure data separation requirements necessary and priorities of women, men, by sex gender of each family, ea...

  • Participatory poverty assessment: Lao PDR

    The second PPA of Lao PDR, analyzing 95 villages in 47 districts to understand the experience of poor people in the country and their perspective on solutions to eradicating pov...

  • Indigenous Peoples’ and land: Comparing communal land titling and its implications in Cambodia and Laos

    In recent years there have been significant changes in how the category of ‘Indigenous Peoples’ has become conceptualised in Cambodia. Indeed, in 1993, neither Indigenous ...

  • Hydropower Status Report 2016

    Statistics about hydropower have been compiled by IHA using data from publicly published sources, IHA members, government representatives, industry sources and media monitorin...

  • Asia regional workshop: Indicators relevant for indigenous peoples, the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Millennium Development Goals

    Proceedings of a regional workshop on Held in Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines, 7-10 November 2006. The objectives of the Workshop were: (a) to learn about global wor...

  • Lessons learnt of communal land titling for indigenous community in La In village Ratanakiri province, Northeast Cambodia

    Documentation on lessons learnt was done in order to enhance the knowledge of indigenous people and other stakeholders so they would understand the process of land titling for i...

  • Remark on Indigenous ethnic minority communal land rights: policy and achievements

    In order to temporarily protect the land use rights of the indigenous ethnic minority communities, the General Secretariat of the Council for Land Policy and the MLMUPC shall wo...

  • The culture and traditional authority of indigenous peoples and the development paradigm

    The culture of indigenous peoples in Cambodia is under threat. The environment in which indigenous communities live is changing rapidly. This is having a profound impact within...

  • Report: Asia Pacific regional workshop in preparation for the first global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD

    This report outlines key findings and recommendations of the Asia Pacific regional workshop in preparation for the first global meeting of the Indigenous Peoples’ Forum at IFAD....

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