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The Electronic Transactions Law

The aims of this Law are as follows:- (a) to support with electronic transactions technology in building a modern, developed nation; (b) to obtain more opportunities for all-round development of sectors including human resources, economic, social and educational sector by electronic transactions technologies; (c) to recognize the authenticity and integrity of electronic record and electronic data message and give legal protection thereof in matters of internal and external transactions, making use of computer network; (d) to enable transmitting,receiving and storing local and foreign information simultaneously, making use of electronic transactions technologies; (e) to enable communicating and co-operating effectively and speedily with international organizations, regional organizations, foreign countries, local and foreign government departments and organizations, private organizations and persons, making use of computer network.

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Additional Info

Field Value
Geographic area (spatial range)
  • Myanmar
Document reference # 5/2004
Issuing agency/parties
  • The State Peace and Development Council
  • The Union of Myanmar
  • English
Formal type of document Law
  • Access to information
  • Communications
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Communications policy and administration
  • Internet
License Creative Commons Attribution
Copyright No
Status Signed and in effect
Adoption date/Enacted/Promulgation date/Signing date April 30, 2004
Effective/Enforced Date April 30, 2004
Publication reference နိုင်ငံတော်အေးချမ်းသာယာရေးနှင့်ဖွံ့ဖြိုးရေးကောင်စီ ဥပဒေအမှတ်၅/၂၀၁၄) ၁၃၃၆ခုနှစ် ကဆုန်လဆန်း ၁၂ရက်
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Constitutional Tribunal of the Union of Myanmar

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