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Ethnic groups living in Vietnam

Vietnam has a total of 54 ethnic groups. In which, Kinh people make up the majority of 82.32% and live in the whole territory. After the Kinh ethnic group is the Hoa ethnic group, they are also widely distributed throughout Vietnam. Some ethnic groups migrated from China, Laos, Myanmar and the islands of Southeast Asia to Vietnam a long time ago. In the process of living in Vietnam, some ethnic minorities continue to migrate and distribute to other places in the territory of Vietnam. Ethnic languages are also diverse from the Austronesian language family, the Sino-Tibetan language family, or the Tai Da Kai language family.

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Attributes The data includes information about ethnic names, self-names, other names, international names, local ethnic groups, places of distribution or living, population, languages, language groups. , ethnic groups, linguistic families and regions distributed mainly in the territory of Vietnam and general information on national costumes.
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