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Topics: Trade policy and regulation

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  • Law on the Management of Quality and Safety of Products and Services

    The scope of this law is governs all commercial enterprises, all manufacturing for commercial purposes, importers, exporters and merchants, service providers, advertisers of pro...

  • Law on E-commerce

    This law aims to​​ managing e-commerce in the Kingdom of Cambodia and internationally, establish legal and commercial realities of electronic commerce, and give the public confi...

  • Cambodia's accession to WTO

    Cambodia became a Member of WTO on 13 October 2004. It was the second LDC to accede to WTO.

  • Lao PDR Economic Monitor: Restoring Macroeconomic Stability to Support Recovery

    As the Lao economy begins its recovery from the effects of the worldwide slowdown caused by COVID-19, the country faces challenges caused by long-standing macroeconomic vulnerab...

  • Investing in logistics for sustainable economic growth: Background studies for the preparation of Cambodia logistics master plan

    This study aims to focus on Cambodia's trade competitiveness, assessment of the legal and regulatory framework for the logistics sector and monitoring and evaluation framework f...

  • Cambodia services trade: Performance and regulatory framework assessment

    This trade development report aims to show the services trade in Cambodia in terms of openness, growth, and the composition of services exports, policies, institutional setting,...

  • Cambodia trade integration strategy 2014 - 2018, full report

    The Cambodian Government’s third Diagnostic Trade Integration Strategy, which accompanies the Trade SWAp Roadmap 2014-2018. The report provides comprehensive information about C...

  • Cambodia's diagnostic trade integration strategy and trade SWAp roadmap 2014-2018, full report

    Cambodia Trade Integration Strategy 2014-2018 (CTIS 2014-2018) is the country’s third generation trade integration strategy. The document focuses on 20 strategic outcomes. These...

  • Cambodia trade integration strategy 2019 - 2023

    The​ report​ focuses​ on​ the​ Cambodia's​ trade​ situation​ and​ strategy​ for​ 2019​ to​ 2023.​ It's​ divided​ into​ 12​ different​ chapters​ including​ (1)​ trade​ policy​ an...

  • Trade policy review: Report by the Secretariat (2011)

    This report, prepared by the WTO Secretariat, is the first trade policy review of Cambodia in 2011. It focuses on Cambodia's economic environment, trade policy framework, trade ...

  • Trade policy review: Report by the Secretariat (2017)

    This 2nd trade policy review of Cambodia was prepared by the WTO Secretariat in 2017. The report consists of 4 sections including economic environment, trade and investment regi...

  • Investing in Cambodia

    This dataset has no description

  • The Myanmar Excise ( Amendment) Act 1955

    The Myanmar Excise ( Amendment) Act 1955

  • The Control of Imports and Exports (Temporary) (Amendment) Act 1957*

    Law Amendment for Temporary control of imports and exports

  • The Control of Imports and Exports (Temporary)(Amendment) Act*

    The Control of Imports and Exports (Temporary)(Amendment) Act

  • The Trade Disputes (Amendment) Act 1955

    The Trade Disputes (Amendment) Act 1955

  • The Trade Disputes Act Amending Law 1963

    The Trade Disputes Act Amending Law 1963

  • The Trade Unions (Amendment) Act,1959

    The amendment for the trade unions in1959

  • Myanmar economic monitor: October 2015

    The Myanmar Economic Monitor (MEM) aims to periodically take stock of economic development and highlight economic prospects and policy priorities in Myanmar. Myanmar grew at an ...

  • List of Registered Public Companies

    The Directorate of Investment and Company Administration has issued a statement on August 15, 2017 naming 55 registered public companies that are allowed to sell shares to the p...

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