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  • Laos’ Dam Disaster May Not Be Its Last

    This is an archived webpage of an article on the Attapeu dam disaster from The Diplomat.

  • News of Laos Dam Failure Didn’t Reach Them, but the Water Did

    This is an archived webpage of an article on the lack of information for Laotians during the 2018 dam failure.

  • South-east Asia: Drought - 2015-2017

    This archived webpage gives a description of the Southeast Asia drought crisis in 2015-2017.

  • Southeast Asia: Drought - 2019-2020

    This archived webpage describes an ongoing drought crisis in Southeast Asia that began in 2019 (as at March 2020)

  • Lao PDR/Cambodia: Floods - Jul 2018

    This is an archived webpage of a description of floods in Lao PDR and Cambodia in 2018 July.

  • Why farmers in Laos are shifting from cabbage to cassava production

    When the COVID-19 pandemic hit globally, farmers in Laos are among the most affected. Many farmers could not sell their cabbages due to lack of buyers. The prices for cabbages a...

  • Impact of Climate Change and COVID-19 on Farmers in Laos

    Siphaeng is a rice farmer from Duer village, Phaoudom district, Bokeo province, Laos. The farmers in this region are currently facing threats due to climate change. Siphaeng say...

  • Lao PDR in the time of COVID-19

    Lao PDR Economic Monitor main findings

  • On reinforcement measures on containment, prevention and full response to the COVID-19 pandemic

    The situation of COVID-19 pandemic continues to be on the rise with nearly all countries in the world affected. The number of infected people and death toll of the virus also co...

  • Company registration

    A list of companies that are invested or have interest in investments within the five Lower Mekong Countries that ODM focuses on.

  • Prime Ministerial Decree on Ethnic Groups

    The decree states that ethnic groups must be governed using principles that ensure unity and equality. In addition, all ethnic groups should be permitted to practise their speci...

  • State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region

    This State of Knowledge: Women and Rivers in the Mekong Region highlights women’s contributions - both actual and potential - to better governance, social, and environmental out...

  • Resources and Rules of the Game: Participation of Civil Society in REDD+ and FLEGT-VPA Processes in Lao PDR

    Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) aims to achieve its purpose by working across multiple sectors and involving multilevel actors in reducing ...

  • Framework for Assessing Legality of Forestry Operations, Timber Processing and Trade Annex

    This publication is produced by TRAFFIC and WWF's Global Forest and Trade Network.

  • The Parallel Evolution of REDD+ and FLEGT for Improving Forest Governance

    This presentation is from an expert exchange on the implementation of FLEGT and REDD+ in October 2018. It is an introductory presentation to create a common understanding of FLE...

  • Synergies Among Social Safeguards in FLEGT and REDD+ in Cameroon

    This paper presents (i) a comparison of the social safeguards of the FLEGT-VPA and REDD+ processes and an explanation of their commonalities and differences, and (ii) an explora...

  • Monitoring the Quantity of Water Flowing Through the Upper Mekong Basin Under Natural (Unimpeded) Conditions

    This study developed a reliable and simple model that predicts the natural flow of the Upper Mekong, then used this prediction to determine how the cascade of dams built on the ...

  • Forest Cover in the Lower Mekong Region 2000-2015

    Forest Cover by country in the lower Mekong region (1990-2015)

  • The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019: Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns.

    This year’s report presents evidence that the absolute number of people who suffer from hunger continues to slowly increase. The report also highlights that food insecurity is m...

  • Impacts of Mainstream Hydropower Dams on Fisheries and Agriculture in Lower Mekong Basin

    This paper, however, discusses the fishery and agricultural sectors of the LMB and focuses on the downstream floodplains of Cambodia and Vietnam. The dam construction has caused...

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